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SMS/EMAIL is technology that contributed varied beneficial services to the world and is used in different applications. These applications include business and trade, ebanking, as well as social and spiritual applications.

Indeed, mobile phones
have made tremendous contributions to society and to mankind. From its inception as a tool of communication
used only by deaf or hearing impaired individuals, SMS/EMAIL or Short Messaging Service had turned into a very powerful means of communication. Also, SMS/EMAIL had made the world smaller and much better as people rapidly gain access to mobile phones. Moreover, it created a new way of system of communication all together.

SMS/EMAIL Service: A business Aspect

Online SMS/EMAIL has become very popular way of communication. It is a new way to send text messages to your near and dear ones using Internet. It is fastest and easiest way to get connected with your friends. Basically, this is a service where you can use your PC to send SMS/EMAIL or Text Messages to everyone. Everything is done from your computer, so you need not to use your cell phone. Below are some of the benefits of using online messaging service.

The messages you send using Online Text Messaging are delivered instantly to the receiver as soon as you press send button. You don't have to wait any more. Now you can easily send information to your important customers.

Typing a message on keyboard is quite easy compared to typing on Mobile. You can type much faster on keyboard. The keys on cell phone are very tiny. It can be very frustrated and can pest your fingers. On the other hand, Typing on finger friendly keys on keyboard is very comfortable and speedy.

You can significantly reduce your mobile bill if you choose to send all of your messages through internet. Almost 50 percent of your mobile phone bill includes the SMS/Email charges.
Online SMS/EMAIL service is available for everyone. It's not that only business can use it. Each and every Individual can use this service. There is no any kind of restriction on using these services. Business can use it to send information to their customers. It's a great deal for both businesses as well as individuals.

Email Services includes

POP3 Accounts
SMTP Accounts


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